Sales tax holiday weekend underway in Florida

Posted at 8:55 PM, Aug 04, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-05 11:33:25-04

Ilan Shalom knows it's time to buy school supplies for his sons. But he's also looking at it from a business point of view.

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Shalom's not just a dad, he's a store owner too, and says he's ready for a lot of back to school shoppers.

Shalom owns Dollar Deals Plus in Palm Beach Gardens.

"We are hoping for big sales the tax free weekend brings in a lot. Brings in teachers, brings in families and that's the main goal of this tax free weekend," he says.

So he's stocking up his store this week. "We keep making it bigger and bringing more variety."

Friday kicks off the Florida sales tax holiday weekend.

You'll get a break from sales tax for three days on school supplies up to $15 per item.

Clothing and shoes will be tax free up to $60 each.

Keiser University economics professor Michael Olsher says if you're looking for a good deal for your wallet, this is a good deal.

"A tax break is one of the significant things that you can do for people especially in this class, our middle class and our less able financially able families," he says.

Olsher says this tax free weekend is good for shoppers and local businesses-- and it's not just dollars and cents. "They also win psychologically. There's a great feeling of empowerment with someone who is given money kind of for free and people feel good about it. And they want to express how they feel about it with consumption."

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