Residents in Panacea bracing for Hurricane Hermine

Posted at 11:35 PM, Sep 01, 2016

If you're looking for a place to shelter during the storm, you may want to give Jim Parham a call. 

“Knowing what I did to this house...we're good.” he says.  

That's because that house, he says, is essentially hurricane proof. 

He says he's one of a handful in his neighborhood who decided to stay put - the ones who have been through storms before. 

“They're not going anywhere, they'd ride out Noah's Ark.” 

While the storm won't be of biblical proportions, it still worries John Nelson.

He drove from St. Augustine to secure his second home in Panacea. 

Nelson says he's concerned, as Florida's first hurricane since 2005 sets its sights on Florida's big bend. 

“I just didn't think after 11 years it was coming right here to my house,” Nelson says.

Storm surge is one of his biggest concerns. 

“The roads are almost flooded going back towards town, so it doesn't look good.”

A tale of two homeowners...waiting to see what Mother Nature has in store.