Report: UK missile test off Florida may have veered toward U.S.

Posted at 1:48 PM, Jan 23, 2017

LONDON (AP) -- Officials say British Prime Minister Theresa May was told about the June test of Britain's nuclear deterrent system when she took office last year.

Downing Street did not confirm or deny a newspaper report that one of the unarmed missiles fired during the test of the submarine-based Trident system had malfunctioned off the coast of Florida.

Opposition leaders have raised concerns about a possible cover-up because Parliament was not told about the test before it debated whether to renew the aging Trident missile system.

May's spokeswoman told reporters Monday that she had been briefed about the test. She said the government does not discuss operational details of tests.

The Sunday Times said the missile fired off the Florida coast went off course and may have veered toward the United States.