Panhandle residents replant trees almost one year after Hurricane Michael

Posted: 3:32 PM, Sep 30, 2019
Updated: 2019-09-30 15:34:59-04

BAY COUNTY, Fla.--It's been nearly a year since Hurricane Michael tore through the Panhandle damaging several trees.

"Our neighbors trees all fell down, they were on the back corner of our property. We miss all the green and trees since the hurricane," said Bay County resident Angela Schmidt.

Many, like Schmidt and her family, say the storm along with wildfires took many trees from the community. That's why the University of Florida IFAS Extension of Bay County gave away a hundred trees so locals can bring back the green.

"We're just really trying to encourage to plant some trees and make some appropriate choices and give them some good information about how to plant and how to select the right one," said horticulture agent Julie McConnell.

Some say replanting trees is not only a way to revitalize the community but it's also a way to tell them better days are ahead.

Event organizers say they'll be partnering with the Florida Forest Service to give out more trees for Arbor Day in January.