VIDEO: Pregnant thief seen stealing from salons

Posted at 12:43 PM, Sep 19, 2015
and last updated 2015-09-19 12:43:25-04

A pregnant thief is on the loose. Police said the mother-to-be has burglarized beauty salons, stealing money and purses.

The pregnant purse snatcher preyed on people's sympathies for an expectant mother, stealing from at least two beauty salons in southwest Miami-Dade.

"A lady that was supposed to be pregnant came into the salon and asked to use the restroom, so we let her in," said Susan Ortega with Avante Beauty Salon.

Little did they know, their kindness would be used against them. Surveillance video captured the big bellied bandit in action Wednesday afternoon. She entered the salon, sweetly smiled and then asked to use the bathroom.

"She didn't go to use the restroom. She just went searching for something," Ortega explained.

The sneaky woman ransacked the back kitchen and office searching for money and other valuables. On the way out, she also grabbed a purse off the back of a chair.

"Walking out she saw a purse on a chair and she noticed no one was looking at her and so she grabbed the purse and left," Ortega said.

The same pregnant woman was also caught on camera hitting up another nearby salon the same day. She even put on a whole act, pretending to feel sick and then snatched another purse on her way out.

"It's terrible because you feel certain compassion for someone that comes to you, pregnant, wanting to use the restroom and you believe it's something honest. You're not gonna think that they're wanting to be stealing something from your place of work," Ortega said.

Police are hoping the surveillance videos will help them track down this soon-to-be mother before she strikes again.


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