PETA: Orcas should be placed in sea sanctuaries

Posted at 3:58 PM, Mar 21, 2016

ORLANDO, Florida (AP) — Now that SeaWorld has decided to end its killer-whale breeding program, a national animal rights group says it wants the company to move the orcas it still owns to sea sanctuaries.

PETA said in a statement issued Monday that it will file the shareholders' request next year. Sea sanctuaries are pens that allow orcas to be in the ocean without giving them total freedom in the wild. SeaWorld CEO Joel Manby said last week that the orcas are best off in the parks, where trainers and veterinarians can take care of them.

PETA bought a number of shares when SeaWorld went public in 2013 so that it could make resolutions. PETA spokesman David Perle said the group will withdraw its now-moot resolution asking the company to end the breeding program.