Orlando church to hold citywide prayer service

Posted at 5:47 PM, Jun 14, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-14 20:22:42-04

ORLANDO, Fla.-- Pastor David Uth is hosting a "citywide prayer service" Tuesday night at First Baptist in Orlando.

Uth has been with the church for more than a decade, and says that his city is grieving.

"This is where people go to have fun, not go to die," he said.

The pastor said he doesn't want Orlando to be known for this horrific attack.

Now, he said his job is to comfort and encourage hope in those affected by the attack.

"Grief does weird things to you. You're angry and you're sad all at the same time. Then you want to take it out on something or somebody. It's a lot of emotion all wrapped up in one," he said.

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He described Orlando as a "melting pot" with people from all over the world looking for a connection. That's what he said those at Pulse nightclub were looking for Saturday night when they went to the club for a night of music and dancing.

The "citywide prayer" starts at 7 p.m. at the church. The pastor said it will be an historic service, bringing together church leaders from around central Florida.

He said he met with these church leaders following similar violent attacks around the country that happened throughout the years. He said they became close in case something similar happened in Orlando. That way, the group could band together and keep its community strong during its darkest hour.

At First Baptist, Pastor Uth says the church's core value is "All people matter to God."

"We believe that, but not only do we believe that, we want to live that, we want to practice that."

The church seats 4,500 people. He's expecting it to be filled Tuesday night with those seeking religious guidance.

"We're going to see unity, even through the tears, even through the grief. My prayer is-- the result of that is-- we're going to see Orlando united, and stand strong together."