No new deaths reported in Palm Beach County; state toll nears 1,400

Palm Beach County coronavirus map
Posted at 11:57 AM, May 04, 2020
and last updated 2020-05-05 17:26:38-04

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. — Deaths from coronavirus in Palm Beach County remained at 196 as fatalities in Florida increased by 20 to 1,399, the Florida Department of Health announced Monday morning.

The death toll slowed statewide over the weekend when numbers traditionally are lower. On Sunday, there were 15 more deaths in the state and 1 in Palm Beach County. On Saturday, the increase was 50 in Florida and 4 in the county.

The state record was set 83 last Tuesday. Nine days ago the state began reporting data once daily instead of twice a day.

The number of new cases statewide increased from 615 to 819. On Thursday, it was 1,038. In Palm Beach County, the cases increased by 181 Monday.

The positive test rate dropped 1 percentage point in one day to 8.3 compared with more than 10 percent one week ago. A total of 445,995 have been tested in the state with 407,373 negative results.

Miami-Dade County has the most deaths in the state, increasing by 9 to 378 in one day. Broward County rose to 208 with an increase of 1 for second place.

Eleven of the 20 deaths are linked to South Florida, including a 25th fatality in St. Lucie County, a 76-year-old man. Staying the same are Indian River with 8, Martin with 6 and Okeechobee none.

South Florida accounts for 821 deaths, which is 58.7 percent of the state total though the population comprises 30 percent. The county with the fourth most deaths is Manatee, which remained at 59.

The mortality rate involving positive cases is 3.8 percent in the state compared with 5.7 percent in the United States and 6.9 percent worldwide, which passed 250,000 Monday. Palm Beach County's rate was 5.9 percent, compared with Broward at 3.9 percent and Miami-Dade with 2.9 percent. With much fewer deaths, the mortality rate is 9.6 percent in St. Lucie, 8.2 percent in Indian River and 2.8 percent in Martin.

The deaths in the state range from a 26-year-old man in Miami-Dade to a pair of 101-year-old women in Miami-Dade and Collier. Ninety-three percent of the fatalities are 55 and older and 60 percent 75 and older.

Palm Beach County's death count is higher than 19 states.

Florida ranks 10th in the nation in total deaths, according to Monday tracking by Florida was 665 behind No. 9 Louisiana, which had 52 more fatalities Monday. Georgia, which has opened nonessential businesses, is in 13th place with 1,222, an increase of 43 deaths Monday after 5 Sunday.

New York reported the most new deaths in the nation, 226 Monday vs. 280 the day before. At one time, New York posted around 800 additional deaths. Every other state in the top 10 was in double digits. The second most was No. 4 Massachusetts with 86 compared with 158 Sunday. New Jersey announced 65, compared with 144 Sunday, in second place at 7,951.

No. 18 Washington, which was the original epicenter in the United States, reported 9 more deaths Monday after 1 more death Sunday.

A total of 69,921 have died from the virus in the United States, including 1,324 more Monday and 1,154 Sunday.

The U.S. represented 32.3 percent of the additional deaths and 27.7 percent of the world total.

In Europe, the number of deaths being reported daily are continuing to decline.

Italy, which at one time was an epicenter of the virus and now is second behind the U.S, gained 195 deaths after 174 deaths Sunday and a high of 919 on March 27. No. 3 United Kingdom reported 288 Monday after 315 Sunday, which half as many as 621 more Saturday and a high of 1,172 on April 21. No. 4 Spain increased 164 after the same number Sunday and a high of 961 on April 2. France reported 306 after Sunday for fifth place and a high of 1,438 on April 15.

Belgium is sixth with 80 more deaths, one more than Sunday. Brazil's death toll dropped to 318 -- second in the world behind the U.S. from 340 Sunday for seventh place. Germany is eighth with 127 additional deaths Monday.

China, the original epicenter, reported only 1 new case and zero new deaths Tuesday – the eightth day in the row for zero -- for 11th place behind the Netherlands.

One week ago Monday in the United States, there were 56,795, two weeks ago there were 42,853, three weeks ago 27,515, four weeks ago 13,298, five weeks ago 4,066, six weeks ago 689, seven weeks ago 95, eight weeks ago 26, nine weeks ago 6, 10 weeks ago 0.

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The county's total number of confirmed cases are wide-ranging, with 195 from newborn to 4.

West Palm Beach leads Palm Beach County with 639 followed by Lake Worth Beach with 499, Boca Raton with 462, Boynton Beach with 396 and Delray Beach with 360. The most cases on the Treasure Coast are in Port St. Lucie with 177.

Palm Beach County has 3,311 cases out of 33,132 total tested, including 55 awaiting results, for 10.1 percent

Miami-Dade leads with 13,092 positive cases out of 96,813 tested for 13.6 percent, and Broward is second with 5,383 cases and 52,753 tested for a 10.2 percentage.

On the Treasure Coast area, 21 additional cases were reported Monday -- 13 in Martin, 3 in St. Lucie, 1 in Indian River and 4 in Okeechobee.

In St. Lucie, it's 260 positive out of 3,686 total tested for 6.6 percent, followed by Martin with 215 out of 1,993 for 7.2 percent, Indian River with 98 out of 2,026 for 4.6 percent and Okeechobee with 18 out of 643 for 2.8 percent.

A total of 6,119 people in the state have been hospitalized at one time, which is 84 more than the day before. That means it is a running total and includes people who have been released or died. The number is 485 in Palm Beach County, 75 in St. Lucie, 42 in Martin, 26 in Indian River and 6 in Okeechobee.