Miami International Airport unveils new TSA 3-D baggage scanner

Posted at 9:42 AM, May 22, 2019
and last updated 2019-05-22 09:42:54-04

MIAMI-- Just launched at Miami International Airport, new technology to detect explosives and other dangerous items TSA officers want to keep off your plane.

"The image that we get on the screen is so sharp and so clear," said TSA Federal Security Director Dan Ronan.

It's thanks to a 3-D computed tomography scanner, similar to what hospitals use for a CT scan.

At MIA it's used to examine carry-on bags and one of the first of its kind at any U.S. airport checkpoint.

"CT technology automates much of the explosive detection function and allows increased detection or threat items by providing the TSA officer, a high resolution 3-D image that can be rotated on three axis's to give a complete picture of that bag to the TSA officer, said Ronan.

The system uses sophisticated algorithms to create an image that an officer can rotate and analyze helping TSA officers better see what's inside. It also means screeners have to open fewer bags and passengers can leave more items inside and spend less time waiting in line.

"CT technology also allows travelers to keep their laptops inside their carry on bags and may allow liquids to remain inside as well," said Miami-Dade Aviation Department Deputy Aviation Director Ken Pyatt.

More scanners are set to be installed over the next year.