Man accused of murder allegedly sexually assaults teen with his wife

Posted at 9:07 PM, Mar 07, 2019

MIAMI, Fla. — A married couple is facing charges after allegedly sexually assaulting a 16-year-old female.

Prosecutors said Zaidel Rivero and Yaisel Faya-Guinea sexually assaulted the teen in February in their home and then recorded the event with their home surveillance cameras.

Rivero and Faya-Guinea allegedly took the victim to a strip club, where they drank alcohol. They then went back to the house, where they allegedly had sex, according to Nessa Eth, a prosecutor.

“There’s no basis for how they obtained the private camera or video footage from inside of a house of the defendant,” said Rivero’s defense attorney. “And the other part was how do they establish that he even

know or she even knew the age.”

Rivero was already in police custody on February 13th for second degree murder charges.

According to an arrest report, cameras were rolling as Rivero stabbed a man several times, and then threw him to the floor of a parking lot. The man later died.

In addition to murder charges, Rivero is also facing additional armed robbery charges.

“The murder case was an attack by that victim at his house when he defended himself and there was video showing one side of the story and I just provided the weapon that the victim used against my client to the officer, the detective,” said the defense attorney.

Prosecutors said it was four days before the murder when Rivero and his wife sexually assaulted the minor.

A judge set a bond at $8,500 for Rivero. Although he got bond for the sexual assault case, he’s being held on no bond for the murder charge. Faya-Guinea bonded out of jail.

In the meantime, Rivero’s attorney is scheduling a special court hearing to get him out on bond pending the trial.

Story courtesy of our news partner at NBC Miami.