Woman allegedly drugged dates, stole jewelry

Posted at 8:28 PM, Apr 20, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-20 20:30:24-04

The cases are piling up against Liliana Vanegas: two alleged victims in February and three in March.

Another victim came forward saying Vanegas put something in his drink, he passed out and his expensive watch disappeared.

"There's a lot of victims out there," Judge Mindy Glazer said during the hearing in Miami-Dade.

Prosecutors said Vanegas met her latest victim at Club Mynt in Miami Beach. They later left for the victim's apartment. Vanegas prepared a drink for her date and according to the arrest report, after drinking it, the victim passed out. He woke up with a missing watch worth $10,000.

"She's a danger to the community," the prosecutor said.

"She's a danger to the males in the community, single men in the community," Judge Glazer added.

Vanegas has four open cases, all with the same allegations: drinking, passing out and missing jewelry. The incidents reportedly happened in Miami, Miami Beach and possibly in other states.

"We've actually received calls from other agencies, not only here in South Florida but across the country," said Ernesto Rodriguez with Miami Beach Police.

For now, Vanegas remains on house arrest but her bond continues to increase, and could potentially get higher as more victims come forward.


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