Lawful gator uses crosswalk to get across road

Posted at 8:43 AM, Jun 07, 2016

(NBC/WPTV)  In Florida, it's not unusual to spot an alligator crossing a road.  In fact, it happened in the town of High Springs just last week.

However, not every gator is as lawful as the one that crossed a road in Flagler County on Monday. 

An alligator was spotted Monday in Florida crossing a street in a crosswalk in North Florida.

Officers in Flagler County stopped traffic for the reptile to cross a street using a crosswalk.

Police said it took about 30 seconds for the 5-foot alligator to make its way across the street unharmed.

A trapper was called, but before he could arrive at the scene, the reptile slipped away to its natural habitat.

Portions of this article courtesy of NBC News Channel