Key West man arrested for stealing brother's identity

Posted at 9:59 AM, Jun 26, 2016

A Key West man was arrested Friday after his brother discovered he’d stolen his identity and had been using it for months.

Detectives say 49-year-old Craig Dieter obtained a Florida Identification Card and a Florida Driver’s license in his brother’s name using his brother’s social security card which he obtained fraudulently.

Christopher Dieter called deputies to report his brother, Craig, was using his identity. Christopher found out about it after he received a letter from Medicare saying he’d received medical care at Lower Keys Hospital on Stock Island. He subsequently received communication from the Social Security Administration saying they were suspending his benefits because he’d been incarcerated in the Monroe County Detention Center. Christopher, who lives in Michigan, told deputies he’d not been in Monroe County in over ten years.

According to police, Craig used his brother’s identity when encountering police in the Florida Keys, including when he was arrested by Key West Police for battery.

He also registered a 30-foot sailboat and registered to vote using his brother’s identity.

Craig Dieter has been charged with 12 counts of use or possession of another person’s identification without their consent. He was also charged with voter fraud, two counts of using a false name on a driver’s license or ID card, fraud when filing for a vehicle registration and failing to register as a convicted felon.

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