Highway scare: Crowbar shatters window

Posted at 12:55 PM, Nov 15, 2016

(WESH/NBC News) A Florida woman was calmly driving on Interstate 95 near Melbourne one second, and the next, she was showered in broken glass after her windshield was shattered.

Angela Smith's call to 911 hinted at what appened.

"Something flew through my windshield on 95," Smith told a 911 dispatcher.

Smith, an employee of NBC Orlando affiliate WESH, was trying to remain calm.

"I'm bleeding, but I don't know where from. There's glass everywhere," Smith said.

When Smith finally had a chance to look around her car, there was crowbar inside it. Troopers suggested it might have been on the road, hit by a car and flipped into the air as she drove right into it.

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