Hialeah police arrest a man they say tried to kill his former boss; incident captured on camera

Amazingly the victim didn't want to press charges
Posted at 9:17 AM, Mar 06, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-06 09:19:17-05

(WPLG, CNN NEWSOURCE) It is shocking surveillance video and Hialeah police say they almost never knew about an attempted murder caught on camera.

"Two men who wanted to settle a dispute the old fashioned way I guess," said Carl Zogby with Hialeah police.

When Renaldo Mendez fired Osorio Reyes for drinking on the job while repairing AC units, Reyes threatened to kill him and tried to follow through when Mendez agreed to meet him.

"Osorio jumps out of his black pickup truck knife in hand wielding it. It happened so quickly. Victim Reynaldo Mendez tries to kick the knife out of his hand and then runs for his life. He is able to pick up a rock and defend himself...knocks out Osorio the bad guy," Zogby said.

In fact, in his mug shot you can see the bruising where Osorio was hit with the rock.

But it is not over. As the victim tries to call for help Reyes gets in his truck and runs Mendez over.

"The fence saved his life because he bounces off the fence," explained Zogby.

But Reyes takes one more shot at killing his former boss.

"You see he tried to run him over a second time as he is dragging a complete fence behind his pickup truck," Zogby said.

"How is the victim? Zogby is asked. “He is fine! He didn't even call the police. When it was all said and done and the bad guy fled the victim drove himself to the hospital.

"Limped back to his car after they treated him and went home. He is recovering and in pain but he is fine but he got lucky because he could have died three times that day."

Amazingly the victim didn't want to press charges. Hialeah police only found out when the warehouse owner called about his torn up fence.

Now Reyes is in jail facing 2nd degree attempted murder and a possible life sentence.

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