Here are the new laws beginning July 1, 2024, in Florida

At least 182 new laws set to take effect
Posted at 5:11 PM, Jun 28, 2024

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. — Loosened child labor laws, religious chaplains in public schools and bad news for Florida bears— that's just a few of the new laws coming online Monday.

According to legislative records, there are at least 182 new laws set to take effect. Here are a few highlights:

CS/CS/HB 49: Employment

Get ready to work — though scaled back from its original pitch. Florida's new child labor law takes effect Monday. On holidays and Sundays, 16 and 17-year-olds can work longer hours. Restrictions are relaxed even further for virtual and homeschooled students.

Critics worry about safety and education slipping, while supporters, like Florida 16-year-old Jackson Lowe, told us it meant more experience and money.

"It would just give me a lot more opportunity and proof to my bosses that I can do stuff," Lowe said. "And there are a lot of restrictions that I can't do at my job."

CS/CS/HB 433: Employment Regulations

Thirsty for more? That new law giving the state control of heat breaks for workers takes effect. Though Florida has no policy on the books, the law prevents cities and counties from creating their own, wiping out a water and rest requirement that was underway in Miami-Dade County.

It was something the governor felt was too extreme when we asked about it last April.

"I don't think it was an issue in any other part of the state," Gov. Ron DeSantis said. "They were pursuing something that was going to cause a lot of problems down there."

HB 931: School Chaplains

Florida will also get volunteer chaplains to counsel students at public and charter schools. The chaplains would have to disclose their religion, and services, plus pass a background check. Students have to get permission from their parents.

Backers have said they're adding support options for kids. Critics, like Florida State Sen. Shevrin Jones, D-Miami Gardens, told us the line between church and state was blurring.

"I think so," said Jones in April. "I don't know, but I know they will have a lawsuit waiting from some of these groups if they did do that."

The Satanic Temple, which has tax-exempt church status, said it "looks forward" to participating. TST is actually more of a civil rights advocacy group that's focused on making a point about what it sees as religious intrusions into American politics. The members don't worship Satan despite embracing the symbol as a rebellious icon.

CS/HB 919: Artificial Intelligence Use in Political Advertising

HB 919 requires political ads with AI-made images, video or audio showing something that didn't happen — have a disclaimer noting as much. The acknowledgment has to be a certain size and length, plus there are penalties for violators. Those violations include civil fines, even a first-degree misdemeanor charge, which carries a penalty of up to a year in jail.

CS/HB 87: Taking of Bears

Finally, what some have dubbed the "Stand Your Ground Against Bears" law will begin July 1. It clears a legal pathway for someone to use deadly force against a bear if they, their pet or property are at risk. People cannot deliberately put themselves in harm's way and any use of force needs to be reported to FWC within 24 hours.

Supporters have said it’s all about safety. State Sen. Corey Simon, R-Tallahassee, was among those backing the bill during the legislative session.

"Last year alone, Franklin County fielded 1,000 calls related to bear-related issues," Simon said. "It's truly a pervasive problem in this district."

However, critics like Katrina Shadix from the conservation group Bear Warriors United were skeptical and even fearful of the change. She has argued the law's language is overly broad and is pushing for stricter measures to secure trash, which often attracts bears.

"This will exacerbate their extinction," Shadix said. "It's already bad now with the loss of habitat. We already have bear poaching rings in Florida."

Shadix and others told us earlier this year that they were prepared to pursue legal action, claiming that the proposed law encroaches upon the jurisdiction of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) and violates the state constitution.

Finally, a couple of other new laws: those 7 and older are forbidden from purposefully releasing lighter-than-air balloons under threat of a littering offense. Plus, after years of pushing lawmakers, the abuse victims from the Dozier School for Boys are getting compensation from the state.

If you're still curious about the more than 150 other new laws coming online, here's the full list:

HB 21
Dozier School for Boys and Okeechobee School Victim Compensation Program
HB 23
Pub. Rec./Dozier School for Boys and Okeechobee School Victim Compensation Program
SB 46
Reading Achievement Initiative for Scholastic Excellence Program
HB 49
HB 59
Provision Of Homeowners' Association Rules and Covenants
HB 73
Supported Decisionmaking Authority
HB 85
Pub. Rec./New State Banks and New State Trust Companies
HB 87
Taking of Bears
HB 103
Pub. Rec./County and City Attorneys
HB 113
Tax Collections and Sales
HB 117
Disclosure of Grand Jury Testimony
HB 141
Economic Development
HB 149
Continuing Contracts
HB 151
Florida Retirement System
SB 158
Value of Motor Vehicles Exempt from Legal Process
HB 159
HIV Infection Prevention Drugs
SB 168
Congenital Cytomegalovirus Screenings
HB 179
Towing and Storage
SB 186
Progressive Supranuclear Palsy and Other Neurodegenerative Diseases Policy Committee
HB 187
HB 197
Health Care Practitioners and Massage Therapy
HB 201
Emergency Refills of Insulin and Insulin-related Supplies or Equipment
HB 215
Risk Retention Groups
HB 217
College Campus Facilities in Areas of Critical State Concern
HB 241
Coverage for Skin Cancer Screenings
HB 271
Motor Vehicle Parking on Private Property
HB 275
Offenses Involving Critical Infrastructure
SB 276
Review of Advisory Bodies
HB 287
HB 303
Rabies Vaccinations
SB 304
Household Moving Services
HB 305
Offenses Involving Children
HB 321
Release of Balloons
SB 330
Behavioral Health Teaching Hospitals
HB 353
Alternative Headquarters for District Court Judges
HB 357
Special Observances
SB 364
Public Service Commission Rules
SB 366
Civil Penalties Under the Gas Safety Law of 1967
HB 377
License or Permit to Operate a Vehicle for Hire
HB 379
Pub. Rec./Financial Information Regarding Competitive Bidding
SB 382
Continuing Education Requirements
HB 385
Safe Exchange of Minor Children
HB 389
Transportation Facility Designations
HB 405
Regulation of Commercial Motor Vehicles
HB 415
Pregnancy and Parenting Resources Website
HB 429
Real Property
HB 433
Employment Regulations
HB 437
Anchoring Limitation Areas
HB 461
Excusal from Jury Service
HB 463
Lights Displayed on Fire Department Vehicles
HB 481
Building Construction Regulations and System Warranties
HB 487
Lost and Abandoned Property
HB 521
Equitable Distribution of Marital Assets and Liabilities
SB 522
Tallahassee Community College
HB 523
Florida Seal of Fine Arts Program
HB 535
Low-voltage Alarm System Projects
HB 537
Student Achievement
SB 544
Swimming Lesson Voucher Program
SB 564
Young Adult Aftercare Services
HB 583
Individual Wine Containers
HB 591
Hot Car Death Prevention
SB 592
Historical Preservation Programs
HB 601
Law Enforcement and Correctional Officers
HB 613
Mobile Home Park Lot Tenancies
HB 619
Sovereign Immunity for Professional Firms
HB 621
Property Rights
HB 623
Builder Warranties
SB 644
Rural Emergency Hospitals
SB 674
United States-produced Iron and Steel in Public Works Projects
SB 678
Forensic Investigative Genetic Genealogy Grant Program
SB 692
Public Records/Florida Gaming Control Commission
HB 705
Public Works Projects
HB 707
State University Unexpended Funds
HB 709
In-store Servicing of Alcoholic Beverages
HB 725
Veterans' Long-term Care Facilities Admissions
HB 761
Interpersonal Violence Injunction Petitions
HB 775
Surrendered Infants
HB 781
Unsolicited Proposals for Public-private Partnerships
SB 804
Gaming Licenses and Permits
HB 813
Certified Public Accountants
SB 818
Military Leave
SB 832
Employment of Individuals with Disabilities
HB 849
Veterinary Practices
HB 855
Dental Services
HB 865
Youth Athletic Activities
HB 883
Short-acting Bronchodilator Use in Public and Private Schools
HB 885
Coverage for Biomarker Testing
HB 917
Career and Technical Education
HB 919
Artificial Intelligence Use in Political Advertising
HB 931
School Chaplains
HB 935
Home Health Care Services
HB 937
Purple Alert
SB 938
HB 939
Consumer Protection
SB 958
Local Government Employees
SB 968
Spaceport Territory
HB 975
Background Screenings and Certifications
HB 983
Pub. Rec./Clerks of the Circuit Court, Deputy Clerks, and Clerk Personnel
SB 984
Judgment Liens
SB 998
Sale of Liquefied Petroleum Gas
HB 1021
Community Associations
HB 1029
My Safe Florida Condominium Pilot Program
HB 1031
Debt Relief Services
HB 1065
Substance Abuse Treatment
HB 1083
Permanency for Children
SB 1084
Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services
SB 1090
Unauthorized Sale of Alcoholic Beverages
HB 1109
Security for Jewish Day Schools and Preschools
HB 1113
Use of Lights and Sirens on Emergency Vehicles
HB 1131
Online Sting Operations Grant Program
HB 1133
Violations Against Vulnerable Road Users
SB 1136
Regulation of Water Resources
SB 1142
Occupational Licensing
HB 1161
Verification of Eligibility for Homestead Exemption
HB 1181
Juvenile Justice
SB 1198
Corporate Actions
HB 1203
Homeowners' Associations
SB 1224
Protection of Children and Victims of Crime
HB 1227
Tuskegee Airmen Commemoration Day
HB 1259
Providers of Cardiovascular Services
SB 1264
History of Communism
HB 1267
Economic Self-sufficiency
HB 1285
SB 1286
Return of Weapons and Arms Following an Arrest
HB 1291
Educator Preparation Programs
HB 1301
Department of Transportation
HB 1317
Patriotic Organizations
HB 1329
HB 1331
Commodities Produced by Forced Labor
HB 1335
Department of Business and Professional Regulation
HB 1337
Department of Corrections
SB 1350
HB 1361
HB 1363
Traffic Enforcement
HB 1403
School Choice
SB 1420
Department of Commerce
HB 1425
Juvenile Justice
HB 1451
Identification Documents
SB 1456
Counties Designated as Areas of Critical State Concern
HB 1473
School Safety
HB 1503
Citizens Property Insurance Corporation
HB 1509
Pub. Rec./School Guardians
SB 1512
Controlled Substances
SB 1532
HB 1555
HB 1557
Department of Environmental Protection
HB 1565
Florida Red Tide Mitigation and Technology Development Initiative
HB 1567
Qualifications for County Emergency Management Directors
HB 1569
Exemption from Regulation for Bona Fide Nonprofit Organizations
HB 1571
Florida Keys Aqueduct Authority, Monroe County
SB 1582
Department of Health
HB 1589
Driving Without a Valid Driver License
HB 1611
SB 1616
Electronic Access to Official Records
HB 1645
Energy Resources
HB 1653
Duties and Prohibited Acts Associated with Death
SB 1680
Advanced Technology
SB 1688
Career-themed Courses
SB 1704
Sheriffs in Consolidated Governments
SB 1720
Marine Encroachment on Military Operations
SB 1758
Individuals with Disabilities
SB 1764
Car Racing Penalties
SB 2518
Health and Human Services
HB 5001
General Appropriations Act
HB 5003
Implementing the 2024-2025 General Appropriations Act
HB 5005
Collective Bargaining
HB 5101
HB 5201
Trust Funds/Federal Law Enforcement Trust Fund/FGCC
HB 5203
Property Seized by the Florida Gaming Control Commission
HB 5401
SB 7002
Deregulation of Public Schools
SB 7004
HB 7011
Inactive Special Districts
HB 7013
Special Districts
HB 7021
Mental Health and Substance Abuse
SB 7028
My Safe Florida Home Program
SB 7032
HB 7063
Anti-human Trafficking
SB 7072
Cancer Funding
HB 7073
SB 7078
Public Records and Meetings/Cancer Research Grant Applications
HB 7089
Transparency in Health and Human Services