Greyhounds need fosters, new homes after tracks close

Posted at 6:54 PM, Mar 24, 2020
and last updated 2020-03-25 09:55:33-04

As racing tracks close due to coronavirus, more than one-thousand greyhounds are now looking for homes.

After a vote in 2018, the tracks were set to stop dog racing in December 2020. The outbreak has pushed up the need for homes for the greyhounds.

Heather Smith has two new guests in her home, Mike and Abel. They are two-year-old greyhounds. Heather is a foster volunteer.

"Mike and Abel, they are the best. They are littermates. Wherever I am they go. They are attached to me. I can call them by their names and come right to me. They give kisses, they love to be hugged," said Heather.

The organization Awesome Greyhound Adoptions says dog tracks in central and North Florida were planning to close in a couple of months. But due to the coronavirus, the facilities are closed early and will not re-open. That's how Mike and Abel ended up in Heather's home.

About 1500 dogs need to find permanent homes. Until then, they are hoping that foster volunteers will step up and help.

Carolee Ellison is with the organization.

"We need some place for them to go. If we can get people to foster."

Awesome Greyhounds Adoptions will provide foster volunteers with everything they need, including a large dog crate.

"We give you bedding, we give you food, supplements, a leash a collar, their heartworm medication, some toys. All you have to do is to provide the love," said Carole

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Want to help? Awesome Greyhound Adoptions, Inc. is looking for both temporary and permanent homes for the dogs.

You can find more about how to help here.