Good Samaritans save family from boat fire in St. Petersburg

Posted at 12:20 PM, Apr 19, 2017

(WFLA) Flames engulfed a sailboat with a mother and daughter trapped on board in St. Petersburg, Florida Tuesday afternoon.

Fortunately, two good Samaritans came along to save them as the boat they called home began to sink.

The father, Jahrah King, who was not on board at the time, says he wants to thank the anonymous heroes.

He and his family were settled on their sailboat, getting ready for their youngest child to start school.

"This was our home, yes. We were cruising around, were about to, go get a slip she's gonna start school, and everything was on board," King said.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission said the mother is recovering from second-degree burns.

Meanwhile, King remains positive about his family’s future.

“Everybody’s fine, man so that’s all right. We’ll get another boat,” he said.

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