Good Samaritan aids Florida trooper

(WBBH, NBC NEWSCHANNEL) For the second time in a month, a Good Samaritan stopped to help a law enforcement officer who needed assistance on Florida's Interstate 75.

Earlier this week a Florida Highway Patrol trooper pulled over a speeding car. Soon after, the men inside became hostile and resisted arrest.

The trooper was outnumbered, until a passing retired police officer stopped to help.

Jeffery Duclos, a veteran and former Rhode Island police officer, said when he saw the trooper wrestling a man on the ground - alone - his training and 30 years of law enforcement work kicked in.

He didn't hesitate to stop his car on busy I-75.

"I think the kid saw me coming... so he basically surrendered," Duclos said. 

He knows it could have been much worse.

The two men in the car were arrested


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