Gainesville, Florida doctor investigated after video of him yelling at patient goes viral

Posted at 7:25 AM, Oct 13, 2017
and last updated 2017-10-13 13:05:30-04

Police in Florida are looking into a doctor who yelled at a sick woman after she raised questions about the length of her wait before being seen.

Video of the incident was posted to Facebook on Monday by Jessica Stipe, the woman who was the victim of the man's ire.

The doctor, identified as Dr. Peter Gallogly of Gainesville After Hours Clinic, curses at Stipe in the middle of the waiting room in the clip, which was recorded by Stipe's daughter.

"Are you kidding me?" Gallogly is heard asking Stipe as she wonders why she hasn't been taken to an exam room more than an hour after her scheduled appointment.

Gallogly tells Stipe that he's already run a urine test on her before rhetorically asking her, "Does that take 3 seconds, you think?"

After a heated exchange, Gallogly then asks Stipe, "Do you wanna be seen or not?"

"I want to go home and get in my bed—" Stipe replies before being cut off.

"Then, fine, get the hell out," the doctor replies, pointing toward the door.

After a few more seconds and further arguing, Gallogly gets close to Stipe and says, "Get the f--- out of my office," as he leads her out the front door.

At the end of the minute-long clip, Stipe's daughter — who is a minor, according to Stipe — remarks that she's been recording the whole thing. At that point, Gallogly grabs the girl's phone and walks away with it before the video ends.

Stipe's video of the entire incident has been viewed more than 373,000 times on Facebook as of Thursday afternoon.

In her Facebook post, Stipe said she spoke with Gainesville police but that they weren't able to press charges because there were no injuries. But on Wednesday, The Gainseville Sun reported that Gollogly was being investigated but it was unclear what the charges may be.

Stipe told WCJB-TV that she's considering filing a lawsuit against the clinic.

After the encounter, the Gainesville after-hours clinic posted a response from the doctor on Facebook. 

It read in part that, "Ms. Stipe had been increasingly belligerent and abusive to the office staff cursing them and threatening them with violence because she was unwell and had been waiting to be seen me for more than an hour."

The doctor said when he walked into the waiting room he was cursed and threatened.

He also added, "I most regrettably lost my temper, and spoke... in a most unprofessional manner."

He said the videotape of the encounter was heavily edited and taken out of a very broad context and that he overreacted to protect his staff.


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