Pilot believes he saw someone during search

Posted at 11:53 PM, Apr 27, 2016

FWC has released new details about the search for Austin Stephanos and Perry Cohen.

Officials report that they were contacted by a pilot, Bobby Smith, on July 26, 2015 as he searched for the boys by plane.

They say Smith said from his plane flying at about 1,000 feet, he saw two white pieces of debris tied together with an orange life jacket.

Smith says he lowered the plane to a height of about 200 feet and made three or four revolutions.

Smith says he saw a person laying on their back on the debris, lifting their hands above their head.

The report says Smith relayed the GPS location of what he saw to officials via his radio.

He says when he tried to find the person and debris after climbing in elevation, he was unable to locate it again.

Once the U.S. Coast Guard arrived on scene and Smith left to refuel, the Coast Guard searched the area and was not able to verify Smith's sighting.