VIDEO: FWC officer attacked by rabid bobcat while trying to remove it from Florida home

Posted at 5:00 AM, Jan 05, 2017

(NBC) - Tense moments were caught on camera when Florida wildlife officers tried to remove a rabid bobcat last week from a family's back porch in Sarasota County.

On Dec. 29, the bobcat got into the Central Florida home through an open front door but wouldn't leave.


When officers from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission used a catchpole to try to get the animal out, it became aggressive and one officer was scratched.

The bobcat was finally removed and put down.  Tests later revealed the animal had rabies.

Another bobcat attack took place nearby the same week.

A rabies alert is now in effect for 60 days in the cities of Venice and North Port.

Courtesy: NBC News Channel