Frustration mounts as passengers wait to leave FLL

Posted at 9:28 AM, Jan 07, 2017

It was a long-exhausting day for thousands of passengers.

At Terminal 3, tempers reached a boiling point,

"For four hours we've been trying to leave the property," says Jennifer Lennox.

Many spent their entire day at the airport, hoping to find somewhere to spend the night.

The Lennox family was planning to head back to Phoenix. Instead they were caught in the chaos.

"Feeling trapped because we don't have an alternative to leave the airport."

They found themselves waiting into the early morning hours trying to book a hotel. They fear more problems are on the way.

"We're afraid we're just going from one containment area to another containment area and we're going to have the same problems."

All passengers were taken to Port Everglades where they hoped to catch taxis to nearby hotels.