Florida teen surfer bitten twice by shark

Posted at 8:32 AM, Apr 26, 2016

(WJXT/CNN) - A day on the waves is totally normal for 15-year-old Kelton Beardall, who's been surfing since he was four.

But fending off sharks is not part of his routine.

"I was going down the line surfing, and I was trying to do an air and I kicked out of the air in mid-air, and then I landed on the shark and it bit me once," Kelton said. "Then, two seconds later it bit me again; and the second, it was a lot worse. I mean, I landed on it, so it was probably kind of mad."

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He thought the second bite took his entire foot until he was able to swim to safety.

"I caught a wave on my stomach, and I saw that I still had my foot, and I'm like yes!" Kelton said.

He was feeling well enough to snap video during his ambulance ride and walk into the hospital. He said he'll be ready to get back into the water in about a month or two.

Courtesy: WJXT-TV via CNN Newsource