Florida power crews rewarded with fried-gator feast

Posted at 7:56 AM, Sep 20, 2017

(WFLA/NBC) - An alligator trapper in Central Florida showed her thanks to power crews in a big way by throwing them a feast. 

State certified trapper Julie Harter wanted to thank the crew for restoring power to Hurricane Irma victims

So, she decided to host an unforgettable country-style dinner in Lakeland that included a special treat -- all-you-can-eat fried gator. 


The Louisiana power crew also chowed down on grilled sausage, potato salad and biscuits. 

Harter and some friends and fellow trappers served almost 100 hungry workers.

“It's real hospitality, that's what it means to us," said lineman Ricky Trahan. 

"We're just thankful that they've come down here helping our families and community pull it back together and get back to business," said Harter.

Courtesy of WFLA-TV and NBC News Channel