Florida mom gives birth in car for second time

Posted at 9:21 AM, Apr 18, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-18 09:21:40-04

TAMPA, Fla.-- Oh, baby!

For the second time, a Florida mom delivered a baby inside a car.

The most recent delivery happened Tuesday in Tampa When baby Nylah Grace came into the world in the backseat of her family's car. 

Michelle Caston says she started having contractions earlier that morning. 

So, she and her husband headed to the hospital. But just a mile from home they knew they weren't going to make it.   

 "I said, 'my water just broke,' and then he said, 'oh man, really.' And then I said, 'alright this next one I'm going to push,' and he's like, 'really Chelle' (laughs) and then she came," said mother Michelle Caston.

"You just heard like water, whoosh, fall out, and the baby fell out right with it right into the spandex. Man, it was crazy. It's going to be a good story to tell," said father Nathanial Knox.

A good story, no doubt, but one they've already told.

Their last child was also born in the car five years ago.

The family says baby Nylah G race is happy and healthy.