Florida girl holding 'I lied sign,' sparks parenting debate

Posted at 9:15 AM, Jun 04, 2019

CAPE CORAL, Fla.-- A young Florida girl was seen at a busy Cape Coral intersection over the weekend holding a sign reading "I lied. I humiliated my mother and myself." It was apparently some kind of punishment.

"But they were just standing out there holding a sign because apparently she lied about something," said one woman.

"One of the parents, a mother or female parent, was with her in the intersection on the median while she was holding her sign for everybody to read," said a woman named Ashley.

One witness says her mother was standing watching her and other adults were on the sidewalk watching as well.

A Facebook post of the incident caused people to give their opinions about parenting.

"I'm sure that girl will never lie again because that was embarrassing," Ashley said.

But others don't agree. "That's pretty drastic. The action she took to try to force some kind of correction on her, and I doubt it has an effect, might shove her the other way you know?" said Randy Miller who lives in Cape Coral.

A common concern for people passing by was the girl's safety. "You don't place them in a dangerous spot like that in order to get some satisfaction out of what they did to you," Miller said.

"You would've lost your kid for something, trying to prove a point when I think in my opinion there's much better ways to do so," another person said.

One woman who drove by says she called police because she was worried. "How many times have we heard already in the last couple months that kids are getting hit and killed...even an adult?"

Police showed up at the intersection after someone called about a traffic hazard.

Officers said they addressed the issue and nobody was hurt.