Florida drug-sniffing police dog helps save a life

Posted at 1:44 PM, Mar 22, 2019

COCOA, Fla.-- Kyra, the Cocoa Police Department German shepherd has pink nails and sometimes wears a bow to work, too.

"She loves kids, loves being the center of attention when they're doing her nails and putting bows on her and everything," said officer Brian Delos Santos.

But when Kyra's at work, she's a work dog. And when she alerted to the scent of drugs in a local man's car recently, it started a chain of events that may have saved the man's life.

Police had stopped the man's car, and suspected the presence of drugs, but couldn't make an arrest without Kyra's confirming behavior. They found drugs and arrested the guy, but had to take him to the hospital right away when he suffered the effects of an overdose. the arrest might have actually saved his life

"More important than anything else was that this guy was really sick, and by doing what we did we were able to find that out and get him to the hospital," Delos Santos said.

Afterward, Kyra jumped up and gave her partner a kiss. She may not have known everything that was going on, but her personality is infectious. "She's the rookie of the agency, brand new girl. Our first female canine. The job seems to agree with her. "