Florida bill seeks to close gender pay gap

Posted at 6:22 AM, Jan 25, 2017

Legislation filed at the state capitol Tuesday aims to close what bill sponsors call a gender pay gap in Florida.

The measure would ban employers from paying workers a different salary based on their gender, when other factors like experience and skill-sets are the same.

During a news conference at the capitol, bill supporters said the legislation is needed, saying women make just 87 cents for every dollar earned by a man doing the same job.


State Sen. Linda Stewart of Orlando is sponsoring the bill.

“We need just as much as anyone to be recognized for our accomplishments, and to be paid for those accomplishments as well as for our education. We have families that we have to support," said Stewart.

Under the measure, pay differences would still be allowed for things like expanded education and experience.

Similar legislation has been filed by Democrats in previous legislative sessions, to no avail.

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