Family of South Florida woman killed on I-95 sues motorcycle driver

Posted at 4:50 PM, Dec 14, 2018
and last updated 2018-12-14 22:42:52-05

A lawsuit has been filed in the case of a South Florida woman who was killed when she apparently fell off the back of a motorcycle.

An attorney for the family of 33-year old Jennifer St. Clair announced the civil suit against the alleged driver of the motorcycle and the man who owns the bike.

The family says St. Clair fell off the motorcycle on Interstate-95 near Fort Lauderdale last week and was hit by several vehicles.

According to the family members and attorney, St. Clair met the man online and they went with two other couples on motorcycles to a restaurant and bar in Delray Beach. They were heading back to Fort Lauderdale when the incident happened.

Attorney Todd Falzone says the motorcycle driver was negligent and left the scene without rending aide to St. Clair: "He does not appear to have done anything to have rendered any aid to Jennifer who was in the lanes of oncoming traffic of I-95. He then left the scene."

According to Falzone as many as nine vehicles struck Jennifer.

"He failed to properly control his motor vehicle, he failed to keep his passenger intact and he left the scene at a time when we believe it is possible she could have been saved if he had rendered proper aid. He had a responsibility to operate a motor vehicle reasonably and safely. That does not include losing your passenger off the back of the motorcycle because of some event that takes place," Falzone said.

The attorney hopes the lawsuit will help him gain more information about what took place. He says the suit will also give him the ability to subpoena witnesses to conduct his investigation.

So far, the Florida Highway Patrol has not identified the operator of the motorcycle.

On Friday, FHP Lt. Alvaro Feola said in a statement “The only thing we can confirm is that she was a passenger on a motorcycle and ended up on the roadway. FHP is still investigating how she ended up on the roadway. The death of Ms. Jennifer St. Clair is an active and ongoing investigation, and therefore, it would be improper to disclose any details regarding the investigative activities engaged in by FHP at this time. "

The family and FHP are looking for witnesses and asking anyone with information to call Broward County Crime Stoppers at 954-493-TIPS.

Information from NBC 6 was used in this report.