Equal work, unequal pay? UCF faculty study finds women earned 29% less than men

Posted at 2:52 PM, Apr 03, 2017

Women who teach at the University of Central Florida are demanding change – and fast.

A survey of all faculty members– released Monday -- found that in 2016 women earned 29% less than men.

Translate that into dollars – and that’s how much?  $20 thousand a year less.
One factor researchers found contributing to the wage gap is men having more experience and advanced degrees, especially in the sciences, business and engineering, and their tenure at the university.
But the researchers did not compare how recent hires, both men, and women, are paid.
The UCF story comes as millions will mark Tuesday asEqual Pay Day.

Equal Pay Day is a symbolic point in the year when a working woman's pay catches up to a man’s from the prior year.

Facebook Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg calls the wage gap unacceptable and has launched a new social media campaign to demand change.

#20percentcounts represents the 20% less women – on average -- take home compared to men.

Sandberg believes if that’s the case – women should pay 20% less for purchases she makes.

Already more than 300 businesses in 25 cities say they’ll offer women 20% discounts tomorrow.

What do you think of the #20percentcounts movement?

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