Coast Guard offloads $47 million in illegal narcotics in Miami Beach

Posted at 7:16 AM, Oct 18, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-18 07:16:41-04

(NBC) - Coast Guard officials recently seized more than $47 million worth of illegal narcotics in just the past few weeks in international waters.

Crew members from Coast Guard cutter Bernard C. Webber unloaded the drugs in Miami Beach on Tuesday.

The narcotics included 3,516 pounds of cocaine and 50 pounds of marijuana that were seized off the Caribbean Basin from late September to early October.

The Coast Guard says the drugs were gathered from three suspected smuggling boats since September.

  • The Coast Guard cutter Sexton was responsible for one case Oct. 10, seizing an estimated 2,700 pounds of cocaine.

  • The Coast Guard cutter Donald Horsley was responsible for one case Oct. 4, seizing an estimated 816 pounds of cocaine.

  • The Coast Guard cutter Vigilant was responsible for one case Sept. 30, seizing an estimated 50 pounds of marijuana.

Courtesy NBC News Channel