Church burglary suspect held at gunpoint

Posted at 3:00 PM, Apr 04, 2016

(WFLA, NBC NEWSCHANNEL) A maintenance worker held a burglary suspect at gunpoint until police arrived late Sunday at First Baptist Church in Tampa.

Ed Clayton, a maintenance worker with First Baptist Church, said he decided to bring his concealed weapon because the doors to the church had been kicked in earlier in the evening. He was tasked with boarding them up, but he worried someone might be inside.

When he got to the church, he said a witness told him what happened, and that the man ran away without going inside.

As Clayton worked on boarding up the doors, the suspect came back.

"I saw the guy walk up the sidewalk and he saw me and took off running. So I ran down the sidewalk and when I got to the end of the sidewalk I didn't see anyone," he recounted. "I look over in the bushes and he's hiding."

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