Burglary suspects fire on concerned neighbor in South Florida

Posted at 9:21 AM, Jul 26, 2019

MIAMI-- Miami police are looking for two men, seen on video, breaking into an officer's car parked in a neighborhood.

"It made me glad that we invested so much money on our security system," the officer's wife said. "They knew they were getting videoed. And they still did it."

The suspects then went after a neighbor who saw what was happening around 4:30 a.m. Wednesday.

We heard like 15 gunshots 14, 15 that I could count," the officer's wife said.

The brazen men first punched the passenger side window of the cop's car which police say was parked near the corner of Northwest 114th Street and Fifth Avenue.

They found a flashlight and then looked for more items in the front seat.

"And we were just like steps away sleeping that's the worst part," the officer's wife recalled.

In surveillance video you see the worried neighbor back up his van to get closer. That's when the pair noticed him. They started running and one of them fired several bullets at him.

"He tried to kill me. I don't know, that's for nothing," said Jean Modlyn.

His van has a number of bullet holes and a lot of other repairs thanks to those bad guys but he's happy none of the bullets hit him. "I say thank you God, I don't die."

Detectives went back to the neighborhood Wednesday afternoon looking for clues to catch the crooks.

The officer's wife says she is grateful someone was around to help. "This was not even his house and he didn't like what he saw, you know we appreciate that."

One of the suspects dropped a stolen flashlight in another yard. Police are still looking for them.