South Florida gym owner arrested again after allegedly failing to enforce mask-wearing

Police say he repeatedly failed to comply with health guidelines
Posted at 11:59 AM, Aug 09, 2020
and last updated 2020-08-09 14:00:49-04

PLANTATION, Fla. — A South Florida gym owner has been arrested for the third time after police said he repeatedly failed to comply with health guidelines limiting the spread of the coronavirus.

Michael Carnevale has gone to jail three times for allegedly failing to enforce mask-wearing in his gym.

Carnevale was arrested Thursday, bonded out and then re-arrested Friday along with his wife.

His gym, Fitness 1440, was shut down for at least 96 hours.

Carnevale said his arrest Friday was unjustified, since no one was inside the facility and all the workout equipment had been moved outside for patrons to use in the parking lot.

"We really have to start asking questions is when they're telling gym owners and yoga studio operators, 'Your patrons have to wear a facial covering while exercising.' Those of us in the fitness industry understand that's not safe. This is something we can't subscribe to anymore," Carnevale said.

Records show Carnevale filed a lawsuit on July 26 against Broward County for injunctive relief, saying his business has been negatively impacted by county emergency orders.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines still recommend wearing a mask and social distancing as the most effective method of preventing the spread of COVID-19.