Alligator in distress discovered in Central Florida

Posted at 10:12 AM, Nov 06, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-06 16:02:49-05

SANFORD, Fla.- Over the weekend people in Sanford started posting on social media about a gator they had spotted in Lake Monroe that was missing half of its jaw. 

The nine-foot alligator--- just a few feet from the downtown Sanford sea wall--- was clearly hurt. 

Jolene Davis couldn't believe it: "It is upsetting because it's kind of like he was up here asking for help. He was up here, he kept lifting his head up out of the water." 

Fish and wildlife had that same concern--- and along with reports of kids possibly throwing rocks at the gator the decision as made to trap it and put it down. 

"It's a little upsetting to know when I called game and wildlife, that there's nothing they can do for him," Davis said.

Bait was thrown to the injured alligator and usually, a hungry gator would easily grab it.

But in this case, the injury meant several attempts were needed--- re-enforcing the belief the alligator would not have been able to catch fish and other prey. 

"He couldn't eat, barely could eat our bait," trapper Jerry Flynn said.

Once pictures of the alligator hit social media, a lot of people showed up to Lake Monroe to see for themselves, wondering how the jaw injury could happen.

Their best guess is the alligator was injured--- battling over territory with another, and that it would be vulnerable to another encounter. 

"I caught one probably 10-12 years ago, in the same location that had the whole top of its snout removed also," Flynn said.

"He's going to end up starving so yea, it's just sad," Davis said.