Airport shooting victims treated at Broward Health Medical Center

Posted at 12:01 PM, Jan 08, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-08 17:01:56-05

UPDATE: Officials with Broward Health Medical Center on Sunday said two additional patients injured in the attack were released. A total of five patients remain hospitalized, four of whom were gunshot victims.  Of those five, three patients are in good condition and two patients remain in critical condition.


A day after a chain of chaotic event and trauma, staff at Broward Health Medical Center delivered promising news.

"Everyone that came through our doors has their life today and we're making sure they're enjoying the gift of life,” Mark Sprada, Chief Nursing Officer said.

As of Saturday evening, two victims were released, seven remained hospitalized with injuries related to Friday’s mass shooting at Ft. Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport.

Following the shooting the hospital took in patients suffering from gunshot wounds. Even though that was tough, hospital interim CEO Brian Fusco said Saturday was harder.

"Several of the patients were notified that their loved ones were among the people killed at the airport so that was extremely difficult that they just heard that news.”

Governor Rick Scott visited the hospital for the second time since the shooting. Hospital staff says he was comforting and appreciative to the staff. Scott said the same about the victims.

"Every patient or family member I talked to was very appreciative of the hard work of the employees here at Broward Health,” Scott said. “I spoke to Family that was provided outstanding surgery and they feel comfortable that they'll get back to normal.”

Five people died at the scene which family across the country are beginning to identify them.

Among the dead are 57-year-old Michael Oehme of Council Bluffs, iowa. He was in Ft. Lauderdale to go on a cruise. His wife Kari, also with him, was shot in the shoulder and survived.

Olga Woltering, a beloved grandmother from Marietta, Georgia and Terry Andres of Virginia Beach also died.

Andres’ daughter told our partners at the Palm Beach Post her parents arrived in Ft. Lauderdale for a cruise and says Friday she lost the greatest person in the world.

Andres’ wife survived but WPTV has been unable to speak with her. Two surviving victims, released from the hospital also asked to be escorted out privately.