Upside down cross placed outside city hall

Posted at 7:09 PM, Jan 19, 2016
and last updated 2016-01-20 04:17:32-05

An upside down cross now sits outside City Hall in Hallandale Beach.

Palm Beach County activist Chaz Stevens installed the 6-foot cross Tuesday. It reads "In Chaz we trust, all others pay cash."

Stevens is using the cross as a way to protest the mayor's ideas of placing a banner in city hall reading "In God we Trust."

He says there needs to be a clear distinction between church and state.

"If you're bothered by the fact I put a Satanic cross on City Hall property, good! Because I'm bothered when I see 'In God we Trust,'" Stevens says. "The Constitution isn't about protecting the majority view, it's about protecting the minority view. It's about protecting the little guy and girl."

The cross is in the same spot where the city allowed a manger and menorah during the holiday season.

"All the angst and all the anger and irritation you feel, that's how we feel, just in the other way. It's just a matter of our display is Satan and yours is whatever God of the day you want to use," Stevens adds.

A city spokesperson for the Broward County city says Stevens has the right to put the cross on city property. It will stay in place "for about one week."

The spokesperson says so far the city's received calls from the media, but not from any citizens about the display.