Accused opioid thief offers tearful apology

(WESH/NBC News) A man who admits robbing a Florida pharmacy has offered a tearful apology to the employees he threatened.

"I feel like I was in the wrong and if I'm in the wrong then why would I not want to apologize?" Tim Hughes said in an interview from the Marion County Jail.

Hughes says he moved his family from Kentucky just days ago in an attempt to escape his drug addiction.

"Where I was from everyone was on them and it's easy to get. I just figured getting away from that would be my best solution," he said.

Deputies say Hughes entered an Ocala pharmacy Tuesday and implied he had a gun. The pharmacist gave him five hydrocodone pills. He was arrested a short time later in his car.

Hughes says he doesn't remember much of the incident. "I was not in my right state of mind at the time. I didn't mean to scare anyone or cause anyone any harm."

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