29 dogs of South Florida not digging the cold

Posted at 4:36 PM, Jan 24, 2016
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The two weeks out of the year that South Florida deals with temperatures below 60 degrees are no fun for anyone and it's no different for our pets. But we found 29 totally adorbs #DogsOfInstagram who are dealing with the cool temps the absolute best way they can.

1. This Chihuahua named Chloe in Palm Beach Gardens: “I don't care where we live, I say it's cold!”


2. This shiba in North Palm Beach that’s like, “I’m not moving away from this fire.”


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3. This mix named Carrey who’s all about that hood life!


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4. This hound in Palm Harbor that would honestly sleep anywhere if it means he doesn’t have to go outside.


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5. “Mom, you said just 5 minutes!”


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6. These cute Pembroke Pines pups who are all like, “That’s great, mom. Now, can you please shut the back gate?”


7. These two guys who clearly understand the meaning of Steve Weagle’s #SnuggleAlert


8. Kosta, who wonders, “When will it ever be safe to come out again?”


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9. This Welsh corgi in Miami named Ranger who’s been waiting his whole life to wear this super cute hat.


10. This precious little maltese who could not wait for the chance to finally try out the seat warmers.


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11. “I ain't going nowhere today, I refuse to go outside, it's too cold. Understood?”


12. This French bulldog in Palm Beach who does sort of want to build a snowman.


13. These rescues in Miami who are gonna just sit right here all day like, “We ain’t movin’.”


14. This Boston terrier that finally found the sun in Miami.


15. “OK, OK, mom. That’s enough. Can we go back inside now?”


16. This Jack Russell Terrier who just wasn’t gonna wait until Valentine’s Day to wear her incredibly adorable sweater.


17. “It's 40° outside so we're just gonna lay right here and cuddle all day!”


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18. Neko the shiba who’s just gonna lay around all day and dream about the sun coming back out.


19. “Yeah, OK, dad, cute selfie. Now, let’s get back inside!”


20. “When will this cold weather finally be over?”


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21. Vacationing Charlie, who’s staying bundled up with his mom in Miami: “Thought you said it’d be warm in South Florida!”


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22. This yorkie in Coral Gables who’s just gonna stay riiiight here.


23. This bichon who’s sort of like, “OK, so, maybe I could get used to this.”


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24. This westie in Sarasota who’s gonna Netflix and chill for the rest of the weekend.


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25. This dachshund in South Beach who has no plans of waking up until spring.


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26. “Sunday funday? I’m taking a nap… under this blanket.”


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27. This adorable pug who’s seriously considering leaving her human. “Ugh… can we just go back in now?”


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28. This little chihuahua named Tequila who’s all about that warm life.


29. “My mom brings me out in this insane wind and I’m like, ‘Can we just go back home and cuddle?’”


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OK, Elsa, we’ve had enough. Seriously, let it go…


It's a cold morning in Florida. We get it, Elsa. Now -- let it go. WPTV

Posted by Meteorologist Tyler Mauldin on Sunday, January 24, 2016