2017 MLB All-Star week brings excitement, uncertainty to Miami Marlins fans

Posted at 6:41 PM, Jul 10, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-11 04:14:46-04

It's called our National Pastime for a reason.
But there's no doubt, MLB All-Star week this year is all about the 305.
“It took a long time, we have people from all over enjoying our beautiful city,” Miami native Pablo Abreu says.
The home town Marlins were well represented at Monday's Fan Fest with team jerseys -- both new and old school -- sticking out in the sea of fans.
If you walk around the event, familiar faces from the 2003 championship team popped up around every corner.
Fans could spot slugger Derrek Lee and the speedy Juan Pierre, who showed fans he can still go.
Those memories of the past reminding fans of a somewhat uncertain future that lies ahead.
Questions continue to linger over a potential Marlins ownership change.

Rumors of coming fire sale,  getting rid of some of the team's most popular players, are already giving diehards a feeling of deja vu.
However, as All-Star excitement takes over the city, and the spirit of competition draws battle lines among baseball fans, united Marlins fans here tell me their loyalties to the local team remain strong.
“I just want to keep enjoying baseball in Miami,” Abreu says. “I’m a season ticket holder. I'm going to invest my money next year again.”
Another Marlins fan we spoke to agreed.

“Regardless of who owns them, regardless of the players that are there, I'm still going to support my team.”