2-car wreck on Interstate 75 kills 2, injures 3

20-year-old South Bay man killed

DAVIE, Fla. (AP) -- Authorities say two men were killed in a two-car wreck on Interstate 75.

The Sun Sentinel reports 20-year-old Salvador Diaz of South Bay, Fla., and an unidentified man died at the scene of the car crash on Saturday.

Diaz was a passenger in a Volkswagen while the man was the driver of a Kia.

According to a highway patrol report, the Kia driver was going southbound and not wearing a seatbelt when he struck the Volkswagen. The force from the collision caused the Volkswagen to fall into the ditch.

The Kia overturned and ejected the driver into the roadway, where he may have been struck by other vehicles.

The reports say the driver of the Volkswagen and another passenger sustained minor injuries.

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