Fireball spotted in sky across Florida and Bahamas

Posted at 7:48 AM, Apr 13, 2021
and last updated 2021-04-13 17:16:42-04

A fireball spotted in the sky Monday night has sparked a mystery.

Fireball spotted in sky across Florida and Bahamas

People saw the fireball across Florida and the Bahamas, indicating that it was very high up. A sonic boom was heard on Grand Bahama Island.

Experts say this could be the asteroid "2021 GW4" that was expected to skirt past Earth within about 12,000 miles yesterday morning. For comparison, the geostationary satellites are about 22,000 up. The asteroid is about 14 feet across.

According to experts, even if an asteroid this size would hit the Earth head on, it’s not big enough to survive the atmosphere and do any damage.

It doesn't appear this fireball survived the atmosphere.

Check your cameras for around 10:16pm last night and see if you captured the fireball. You can email the videos to