Windows 10 to bring 3-D to two-dimensional experiences

Posted: 11:31 AM, Oct 26, 2016
Updated: 2016-10-26 11:31:55-04

NEW YORK (AP) -- Microsoft plans to bring three-dimensional tools to computing experiences long done in two dimensions as it eyes the needs of the next generation of users.

The new tools are part of a free "Creators Update" to Windows 10 early next year.

Instead of taking a photo or video of a sand castle, for instance, you simply scan it on your phone. The sand castle is rendered in 3-D and can be rotated with your finger. Other tools will turn two-dimensional sketches into 3-D.

Microsoft will also let people send 3-D images to 3-D printers, as easily as they send documents to regular printers today. The idea is to also let people post 3-D creations on social media easily.

Microsoft is announcing new features Wednesday at a New York event.