NASA releases Mars recruitment posters

Posted at 9:56 AM, Jun 16, 2016

It's an interesting tactic — retro recruitment posters for a job of the future.

NASA just released these images calling for daring explorers, teachers, farmers, surveyors, technicians and even night owls, to colonize Mars. 

The posters were originally commissioned seven years ago to appear in the Kennedy Space Center.

But the dreams they conjured seem a little more plausible today. NASA released its three-step plan to colonize Mars last year.

It'll still be a long time before you can file your tax returns from the red planet. NASA doesn't expect to have people living on Mars before 2030.

And if space employment isn't your thing, NASA still envisions space travel. It released space tourism prints earlier this year for 14 alien worlds.

This video includes clips and images from NASA and the Kennedy Space Center. Music provided courtesy of APM Music.