Mysterious, gigantic hole appears in Siberia; scientific team sent to investigate

SIBERIA, Russia - A news report and video showing a gigantic hole in a remote region of Siberia has the Internet guessing it's everything from an underground alien base to an underground gas explosion.

The report, from Siberian Times, said the 87-yard-wide hole was discovered by helicopters about 18 miles from the region's biggest natural gas field in Yamal. The report said the hole is believed to have opened on Sunday.

A scientific team has been sent to investigate the mysterious hole. They plan to take samples of soil, air and water from the scene.

Still photos from the video taken from a helicopter show what looks like ejected material around the rim of the hole, with water or dirt flowing down the side of the hole in streams.  A close-up photo appears to show material inside the hole.

Until the scientific term gets to the site, the cause of the anomaly won't be known for sure.

The Yamal Peninsula is a strategic oil and gas bearing region of Russia.

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