Creator of new airport security system claims 'the wait is over'

Posted at 10:04 AM, Mar 24, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-24 21:37:13-04

The process of removing laptops and tiny shampoo bottles from your bag can be a scramble at the airport.  Now, a company claims it has a solution that will also make travelers and airports safer.

Analogic Corporation unveiled a new checkpoint screening system at the Passenger Terminal Expo in Amsterdam, claiming it will decrease the rate of “false alarms,” allow for fewer bag searches and shorten security lines.  All the while, electronics and liquids will be able to stay in luggage, the company says.

The company also claims the product will heighten security and decrease costs at airports.

The new product, ConneCT, could improve the screening process dramatically, company leaders hope.

The company adapted technology already in existence for medical use, allowing a screener manipulate a 3D image of a bag from all angles.  This will reveal items “that might otherwise be hidden,” according to a company statement.  The company manufactures ultrasound systems and imaging technology for diagnosis and treatment.  Analogic already works with 1,200 airports in the world.  

A screener can zoom in to an image with their fingers, similar to how an iPad would be used.  Areas shine in red when they are concealed in a bag.  Detecting the density and “atomic number” of a material, explosives sealed in the lining of a bag or liquid explosives in containers can be highlighted.

The systems can screen 550-600 passengers per hour, a rate the company claims is more than double a regular x-ray.