Christmas comes early for some kids in South Bay

Posted at 5:45 PM, Dec 09, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-09 17:46:11-05

Wellington High School student Kayla Anshuetz spent this day helping host a Christmas party for 300 elementary students at Rosenwald Elementary in South Bay.

The aspiring pediatrician told me this is her third year spreading holiday cheer.

 "I love being with kids so being able to come and be with them and to watch how much they appreciate us coming," she said.

Kayla is among 75 Wellington High School students welcoming all these kids. It's nothing new for the high school. They've been making kids dreams come true for more than 20 years.

Melissa Varvarigos with Wellington High School organizes the yearly event.

"And to see the generosity of Wellington High School and to see the gratitude from Rosenwald. It's amazing from two different places of palm beach county that come together in an outstanding way," she said. 

What's a party without Santa Claus handing out gifts -- like scooters. But the biggest presents at the party-- come towards the end of the day. Bicycles for each fifth grader at the school.

Ja'nesha Pourch is one of the kids who got a new ride.

"It's good for all of the kids who don't have a ride and because as you can see the kids are really enjoying the bikes," said Ja'nesha.

Another student, Paul Glinton also got a bike.

"It's great because sometimes kids can't get other things kids can get and it's a nice opportunity that kids can get a bike," he said. 

A kind gesture the elementary school students are thankful for.

Taranza McKelvin is a guidance counselor at Rosenwald Elementary.

"Our kids love to interact with the older students from the high school. And they can actually share ideas and what it takes to become a high schooler and it's just wonderful," said Taranza.