Local mom warns parents of hoverboard dangers

Posted at 11:28 PM, Dec 29, 2015
and last updated 2015-12-30 05:15:58-05

Hoverboards were the hit gift this Christmas, but now the popular gadget is taking some hits after users are revealing just how dangerous they can be.

A Pahokee teenager is at home recovering after she ended up in the hospital from falling off a hoverboard.

"That contraption is a death contraption to me," said her mother Brenda Angram, who is not playing games when it comes to the popular gadget. "If they have a hoverboard, take it away."

Her teenage daughter Faith ended up in the hospital Monday after falling off a hoverboard.

"When I got over there, you see your child laying on the ground, motionless, not moving. It's heartbreaking," said Angram.

Faith was unconscious for almost 10 minutes.

"The only thing I remember is getting on and falling off," said Faith.

It was actually a friend's hoverboard, who like so many others, got it for Christmas.

"I thought I could ride it," said Faith.

But when she got on, it rolled out from under her feet and she fell backwards. She hit her head and blacked out. Faith was airlifted to St. Mary's Medical Center.  

"It looked easy when you see someone else riding it, but when you get on it, it's not that easy."

More and more people are learning that the hard way.  Social media is filled with #hoverboardfails.

On Tuesday, boxer Mike Tyson was trending after he wiped out on a hoverboard.

"I know now not to try it any more," said Faith.

So, if the painful videos aren't enough of a warning..

"They need to treat it as though they are riding a bike or a skate board," said Angram. This Pahokee mother is speaking out so other parents are aware of the potential dangers. "If you're planning on buying it for one of your kids or whoever please don't buy it."