'Muck Bowl' rivalry game breeds winners both on and off the field

Posted at 9:05 PM, Nov 04, 2016

One of the biggest rivalries in the state is going down Friday night in Western Palm Beach county. 

The ‘Muck Bowl’ pits Glades Central High Against Pahokee High in a match-up that has produced superstars. 
If you want to see the full impact of the Muck Bowl, look no further than the field at the Glades Academy K through 8 school.

It’s where the game's past and future collided Friday.  
Norris McKeber, a teacher at Glades Academy, led his students through a touch football game during recess Friday afternoon.

“Those kids out there competing - they're going to be the future of the Muck Bowl," he says. 
McKeber should know - he played in the game in 2008. 

After school, he went to Florida A & M University, then returned to Pahokee to give back to his community.
McKeber says the bowl is a rivalry game steeped in tradition - and success. 
About 50 players from these two teams have gone on to play in the NFL, winning Super Bowls and even landing in the NFL Hall of Fame. 
The clash between these powerhouses one this area looks forward to year after year.  

“You're playing in front of like 4, 5 thousand people,” McKeber says. “Scary at one point, because you don't want to make a mistake, but at the same time it's thrilling.” 
Hours before the game, thrills on a smaller scale. 
Several of this kids hoping to go from running around at recess to running under the bright muck bowl lights.

“I can show people my talents and show them I'm capable of doing anything,” student Brandon Woods says.

That message of living up to your potential is one these educators are trying to spread. 
In an area that many say doesn't get as much attention as it should, they want them to stay focused on their dreams. 
“You can go out and be whatever you want,” McKeber says. “Whether it's a doctor, a lawyer, or even the President of the United States - you have the ability to go out and do it.”